Passenger fined HK$50,000 for packing airline meal “roast meat combo” on Hong Kong to Taiwan trip


26th May 2024 – (Taipei) An Indonesian passenger travelling from Hong Kong to Taiwan packed an airline meal, specifically the “Roast Meat Combo,” and brought it off the plane. However, this act was met with severe consequences as a quarantine dog at the airport sniffed out the aroma and alerted the authorities, leading to an on-the-spot fine of NT$200,000 (approximately HK$51,000). Since the passenger was unable to pay the fine immediately, he was deported and will be required to settle the penalty before his next entry into the country.

The Taiwanese authorities reported that on 30th April, an Indonesian traveller arrived in Taiwan via Hong Kong and was intercepted by a quarantine dog due to carrying a meal box containing pork and chicken in their hand luggage. Further investigation revealed that the passenger had packed the meal from the airplane.

According to Taiwanese authorities, meals served on airplanes or cruise ships are considered imported products and are subject to quarantine regulations. Therefore, the transportation of meals containing livestock meat, poultry, and fresh fruits and vegetables is strictly prohibited. Any violation of these regulations will result in legal penalties. Travellers are advised not to take leftover aeroplane meals with them to avoid being fined.

The Taiwanese authorities have implemented rigorous measures to prevent the spread of African swine fever, especially after detecting the presence of the new strain of the virus in pork products brought in by mainland Chinese travellers earlier this year. To contain the African swine fever outbreak, all passenger luggage, express deliveries, and postal packages are now subject to 100% X-ray inspection.

The authorities emphasize that individuals carrying pork products upon entry will face a fine of NT$200,000 (approximately HK$51,000) for the first offence and a fine of NT$1 million (approximately HK$255,000) for subsequent violations.