Foreign passenger assaults and kills taxi driver in West Central before escaping (Updated: 2.40pm)


12th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) At nearly 5am today (12th), a taxi carrying a foreign passenger drove along Queen’s Road West and the 50-year-old taxi driver in the vehicle was suspected of arguing with the passenger for some reason. The foreign passenger then used a hard object to hit the neck of the driver which resulted in injuries. In order to escape, he got off the car and fled.

The passenger then got off the vehicle and continued to attack the taxi driver before he finally collapsed. When the taxi driver was about 20 metres away, the assailant also took the opportunity to escape. Afterwards, a passer-by called the police for help. He was then sent to hospital for treatment at the scene. The police initially classified the case as a wounding case. Unfortunately, the taxi driver was confirmed dead this morning. The case was re-classified as murder and they are looking for the whereabouts of the suspect.

A large number of police officers arrived after the incident and blocked the scene for investigation. A lot of bloodstains were found in the taxi compartment. The scene was horrifying. Police found multiple blood-stained masks, a cap, a brick at the scene and nearby back alleys. At around 8am today, the police further sealed off the nearby Mui Fong Street sitting-out area and a public toilet.

According to the sources, the police have identified the suspect and he has a record of a violence and mental illness. Police do not rule out that he is still in possession of the murder weapon. The police have classified the assailant as an extremely dangerous person and he is currently wanted. By 2 o’clock in the afternoon, detectives were tracking him on Second Street in Western District.