For a price of US$4,500, The ‘sex island experience’ offers guests free booze and food along with group orgies. The trip also includes yacht parties filled with bikini-clad girls.

Organised by Good Girls Company, here’s another New Year Party taking place at a secret location island that may or may not be Margarita Island, near Venezuela this Saturday.

Enjoy the company of 100 beautiful Latin girls, two hot DJs spinning the most exciting music all day and night, and a drug-friendly environment.

If you are single man who wants to usher in 2019 with drugs and prostitutes on tap, this is your chance to experience the party of the life time. The Company has organised similar event off the coast of northern Colombia, from November 24 to 27 in 2017.

Indeed, the girls shown in the clip are also “all inclusive” with the company explaining on Facebook that on day two clients can have 16 girls at once – but only for 30 minutes. Meals are also included if you feel a little peckish in between the orgies.

The trip includes party on a luxury yacht for 100 people, complete with DJ and non-stop booze/drugs supply.

Men can eat food placed on woman’s body.
Promo video for party in 2017

The thought-provoking footage shows a man dancing on a luxury yacht with a bunch of bikini-clad ladies. “Unlimited meals and sex included” is the caption of the promo video in 2017.

The exotic holiday is also “drug friendly” and comes with “free booze”, according to the raunchy promo video.

To book your tickets for this year’s party, click here.  Cash, credit cards and bitcoins accepted.