Paris Hilton hopes son won’t follow in her footsteps

    Carter Reum and Paris Hilton

    26th March 2023 – (Los Angeles) Paris Hilton, the socialite and reality TV star, has expressed her hope that her two-month-old son Phoenix will choose a different path to hers and not seek fame. The 42-year-old, who created a persona as a “dumb blonde” during her teens and 20s, has enjoyed success as a singer and TV personality, but said she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Hilton revealed her hope for her son in an interview with The Independent, saying: “I’m just hoping he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.”

    Hilton first rose to prominence in the early 2000s as a reality TV star, before branching out into acting, singing and modelling. Her catchphrase “that’s hot” became a cultural phenomenon and she was one of the most famous people in the world at the peak of her fame. However, Hilton said in her recent interview that her public persona was a character she created and that she can laugh at herself. She also revealed that her book, Paris: The Memoir, was a therapeutic experience.

    Hilton became a mother for the first time in January, when she and her husband Carter Reum welcomed their son Phoenix via surrogate. She described the experience as “the most magical time in my life” and said her favourite moments were when her son was lying on her chest looking into her eyes. Hilton has been sharing her experiences of motherhood on social media and said she was enjoying the challenge.

    Despite her success, Hilton has faced criticism and negativity over the years, but she said she learned to deal with it by separating herself from her public persona. She said she would tell herself that people were criticising the character, not the real person behind it. Hilton’s hope that her son won’t follow in her footsteps and seek fame is understandable given the difficulties she has faced in the public eye.