Parcel containing rifle and bullets found in truck at Shenzhen Bay Control Point


15th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 10.15am on 13th August, a truck carrying postal parcels was intercepted by Customs when it entered Hong Kong at the Shenzhen Bay Control Point yesterday (13th). , The truck involved was handed over by a driver of a mainland transportation company to a 56-year-old Hong Kong-based driver surnamed Yeung, who was randomly stopped by the Customs when driving the truck through the Shenzhen Bay Control Point. Customs found a suspected rifle and bullets in the vehicle, and then transferred the case to the second team of Yuen Long District Crime Squad for investigation.

Police said the case is currently being classified as “firearms and ammunition found” and no arrests have been made.

The police said that they received a notification from relevant departments at noon on 13th August that they found three packages destined for the United States in a truck at Shenzhen Bay Port. The packages contained a suspected firearm, a suspected firearm part and 80 bullets. The police arrived at the scene and took the relevant evidence for further examination. Of the 45 undeclared packages sent to Alaska, three contained the firearms involved. The source said that the truck involved in the case belonged to a logistics company, and the sender and recipient of the parcels were both from the United States. It is unknown why they arrived in Hong Kong.