Pansy Ho, eldest daughter of late gambling tycoon Stanley Ho, exudes grace and elegance at Nicholas Tse’s event in Macao

    Pansy Ho (left) and Nicholas Tse (right).

    11th December 2023 – (Macao) Stanley Ho, the late gambling tycoon, was known for his prominent position in the Ho family. However, his eldest daughter, Pansy Ho, has emerged as a leading figure in her own right, both in the business world and in social circles. Pansy Ho, who is 61 years old, has been making frequent appearances at major social events and has even been spotted mingling with the public on the streets of mainland China. Her down-to-earth and approachable demeanor, combined with her regal presence, has earned her admiration from all walks of life. Moreover, despite the passing of many years, Pansy Ho has managed to maintain her youthful and flawless complexion, a quality that is envied by many.

    Most recently, Pansy Ho graced the MGM Cotai in Macao for the MGM CHEF NIC GASTRONOMUSIC FEST, despite her busy schedule. Notably, when Nicholas Tse, the renowned celebrity chef, descended from the stage, Pansy Ho stood poised and ready to welcome him from below, displaying her utmost humility and lack of pretence. Internet users have also captured glimpses of Pansy Ho’s private side. In a video clip, she can be seen leisurely resting on the stage, casually holding a glass of wine and leaning against the railing. As soon as she noticed the presence of the online spectators, she gracefully put down her glass and turned around with a gentle smile, allowing them to capture the moment. Her warm and genuine smile exuded a sense of kindness and familiarity.