Pansy Ho and Annie Wu to condemn the small radical group of radical protesters in Hong Kong at next UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday

(Left) Annie Wu (Right) Pansy Ho

8th September 2019 – (Geneva) Pansy Ho, daughter of Hong Kong and Macau-based businessman Stanley Ho and Annie Wu, daughter of MAXIM’s group founder, James Tak Wu Hong Kong’s largest catering group will address the 42nd session of United Nations Human Rights Council on 10th September. They will speak on behalf of the Hong Kong Federation of Women following the earlier appearance of Denise Ho in July who asked to remove China from the body and convene an urgent session to protect Hong Kongers. Her speech was twice interrupted by a Chinese official.

The two are expected to make pro-government speeches by stating that the views of the small group of radical protesters are not representative of the 7.5 million Hong Kongers. Their violent behaviour are not condoned by the majority.