Owner, wife and daughter of luggage shop in Yuen Long assaulted, bags splashed with red paint


21st March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A violent attack occurred at ‘Wing Hong Bag & Luggage’ in Yuen Long this afternoon. At approximately 4pm, the police received a report of three men armed with sticks entering the shop at No. 15 Pau Cheung Square and assaulting the shop owner and his family. The victims suffered injuries to their heads and hands, and were promptly taken to Pok Oi Hospital for treatment.

According to witnesses, two attackers struck the shop employees with their sticks, while the other poured red paint on the store’s merchandise. The female owner of the shop sustained the most severe injuries, with her shirt drenched in blood and a bloody stain on her face mask. The owner’s daughter also suffered injuries to her hands. Concerned citizens at the scene helped to stop the bleeding before ambulance staff arrived to transport the victims to the hospital.

Outside the shop, police found a broken wooden stick, packaging bags for merchandise, and traces of blood and red oil on the ground. The police have cordoned off the area and are investigating the incident by examining the CCTV footage from the shop.

Neighbours of the shop owners stated that the store has been operating for many years as a family business, with the owner and his wife and daughter running it. The shop had been targeted before, with an incident of red paint being poured on the premises occurring about six months ago, though the motive for that incident remains unclear.

Witnesses reported that three young men wearing masks, black clothing, black pants, and black caps vandalised the shop in question for about a minute. After the attack, they quickly fled the scene. The owners attempted to stop the attackers, but were unable to prevent them from escaping.

The shop has been operating in Yuen Long for over 42 years.