‘Owner’ of dark pink Lamborghini sports car clamped at City One conducts live broadcast to advertise its ‘unregistered’ Crypto business

Solomon Chan (Insert Picture)

20th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) A netizen shared pictures a dark pink Lamborghini sports car with the wording ‘CryptoPARD’ being clamped near City One – Shatin recently. Many car owners know that the officers in the area are highly efficient in clamping vehicles at lightning speed. A woman and a man who were believed to filming in front of of the sports car with the caption ” CryptoPARD” were shocked after the vehicle was clamped. 

Solomon Chan, the owner of the car and the founder of the virtual currency platform, CryptoPARD and his girlfriend who was present when the car was clamped finally surfaced again and went to City One to to pay a three-day fine of HK$960 to unlock the car yesterday. The virtual currency platform issued an interview notice to the media and broadcasted the process live on social media but Chan denied that it was a marketing strategy and apologised to those affected. After the live broadcast, the two left immediately.

Meanwhile, the  CryptoPARD website of the platform does not display the full name of the company. There is no registration of the name of the platform found in the company registration and business registration with Companies Registry. A check on the trademark registration of the Intellectual Property Department reveals a company which holds the same trademark on the Lamborghini sports car i.e. “Apollo Global Treasure Limited”. The director of the company is Solomon Chan but he is not the registered owner of the vehicle.

Solomon Chan