Owner of 42 apartments plans to break down walls in Guangdong, causing safety concerns for 300 households above


6th June 2023 – (Sihui) According to a local report today,, the second floor of a building in Sihui, Guangdong, was purchased by an owner who plans to break down all the walls of the 42 apartments and convert them into an entertainment venue. The construction work has been ongoing for several days, causing cracks in the walls of many homes on the floors above. The owner’s actions have left the residents in a state of panic, as they fear for their safety since the building has 11 floors and more than 300 households that rely on just a few pillars for support.

This case comes to light just after a similar incident in Hong Kong, where unauthorized demolition of load-bearing walls was discovered in the The Capitol of Lohas Park in Tseung Kwan O. The fact that an owner in mainland China has purchased 42 apartments and plans to break them down is rare and alarming.

The owner of the apartments has yet to obtain any construction permits or approvals. The relevant authorities have issued a notice of illegal construction and ordered the owner to stop work immediately. The authorities are currently conducting a safety assessment of the building.

The construction work carried out by the owner has caused severe damage to the building’s second floor. Several pillars have been cut, and multiple walls have been destroyed, exposing the steel reinforcement. The safety of the more than 300 households on the upper floors is now at risk, as they depend on only a few pillars for support. This not only jeopardizes their safety and sense of security but also causes a decline in the value of their homes, leaving them in a state of worry.

One resident interviewed by reporters stated that the construction team had drilled through the ceiling of the first floor to transport construction debris, which shows the lack of concern for the safety of the building’s other occupants. Purchasing a home is a significant expense for any family, and many families struggle for over a decade to buy a single apartment. Unfortunately, some individuals’ reckless actions have shattered their dreams of owning a home. The aftermath of this incident may require residents to endure a lengthy and complicated legal process to ensure their rights are protected, which is unfair and distressing.

Many people are questioning why the owner did not purchase an empty storefront instead of a residential building and cause harm to other people’s homes. The reckless demolition of walls has caused serious harm to the building, and the owner’s own business may also suffer. This situation has not only brought trouble to others but has also caused an uproar and frustration among the public.