Overseas arrivals to undergo additional virus test on 3rd day, flight-specific suspension mechanism revoked until further notice


7th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) the Hong Kong government announced today (7th) that it intends to revise its external defence measures against imported COVID-19 cases by increasing testing for arrivals.

Starting tomorrow (8th), the government will require arrivals to undergo an additional virus test on the third day when they are quarantined in designated quarantine hotels.

In addition, flight-specific suspension mechanism as triggered by the detection of imported cases will be cancelled until further notice. Flights that are currently grounded according to the mechanism will also be allowed to commence operation with immediate effect.

The announcement pointed out that the current entry nucleic acid testing measures have been able to detect the vast majority of imported cases, and the risks posed by imported cases have relatively low impact on the local epidemic. In addition, considering that it is currently the peak period for international students to return to Hong Kong, the government does not want to affect their return to Hong Kong to reunite with their families, so the flight-specific suspension mechanism will be suspended effective from today.

Earlier, airline operators, representatives of the tourism industry and domestic helper agencies have urged authorities to lift or adjust the flight suspension mechanism, saying it’s no longer appropriate to temporarily ban specific flights from landing in Hong Kong just because several passengers tested positive for COVID-19. The measure has caused extreme inconvenience to flight operators and passengers.