Over 500 protesters gather in front of Ma On Shan Police station, eggs and objects hurled


9th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) After hundreds of civilians gathered at MOSTown this evening to show solidarity with the five security guards who were arrested today for obstructing police on 7th October, riot police arrived at the mall to be on standby before leaving. At around 8.30pm, 3 of the security officers were released on bail while the remaining 2 others were released at 11.30pm.

Police set up road block on Ma On Shan Road at 8.50pm to conduct checks on vehicles resulting in massive traffic jam. Meanwhile, a group of protesters started to gather in front of Ma On Shan Police Station. At 10.30pm, at least 500 protesters surrounded the police station and hurled eggs & objects. Police warned protesters to disperse immediately.