Over 43,000 people travelled to Cheung Chau as at 8pm today, a 13% decrease compared to pre-pandemic times


26th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Over 43,000 people traveled between Central and Cheung Chau on May 26th for the Bun Festival, which coincides with Buddha’s Birthday. New World First Ferry reported an increase of approximately 78% in the number of passengers traveling from Central to Cheung Chau compared to the same period last year during the pandemic. However, there was a decrease of 13% compared to 2019, the last time the Bun Festival was held before the pandemic.

In response to the end of the parade, the ferry company will increase the number of trips from Cheung Chau to Central to nearly twice the usual amount, with an average of six trips per hour. Approximately 13,000 passengers were expected to return from Cheung Chau to Central by 6pm. Additionally, there will be an extra ferry service leaving Cheung Chau for Central at 1.15 am on 27th May to accommodate those who wish to watch the bun-scrambling competition and leave afterward.