Over 310,000 HK residents travel north while only 120,000 Mainland visitors arrive in Hong Kong on Saturday

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19th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The number of Hong Kong residents traveling northbound remains significantly higher than the number of mainland Chinese visitors traveling southbound. Yesterday, approximately 310,000 Hong Kong residents embarked on trips north, while only around 120,000 mainland tourists journeyed to Hong Kong. Although the figures show a weekly increase and surpass the numbers seen during the May Day holiday weekend, there is still a disparity of approximately 190,000 in terms of the total number of travelers.

According to data from the Immigration Department, over 398,000 Hong Kong residents departed the city yesterday, with about 310,000 of them heading to mainland China. Among the various border crossings, the Luohu Port recorded 97,000 departures, the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line saw 86,000 departures, and 47,000 people crossed through the Shenzhen Bay Port.

Regarding mainland Chinese visitors traveling to Hong Kong, there was a significant drop in numbers during the second weekend after the May Day holiday (May 11th), with only 65,000 visitors recorded. This figure represents a decline of approximately 42% compared to the first weekend of the month (May 4th), which saw 113,000 visitor arrivals. However, there has been a slight recovery as the number of mainland visitors increased to 121,000 yesterday, marking an 86% weekly growth and a 7% increase compared to the first weekend.

Among the mainland visitors to Hong Kong, a majority arrived via the West Kowloon Station of the high-speed rail, accounting for 28,000 arrivals. The Lok Ma Chau Spur Line followed with 24,000 arrivals, while the Luohu Port recorded 18,000 arrivals.

The ongoing trend of more Hong Kong residents traveling to the mainland than mainland visitors coming to Hong Kong underscores the continued popularity of northbound travel among the city’s residents. The factors contributing to this phenomenon could be attributed to various reasons such as cultural exchanges, leisure activities, and business opportunities. Meanwhile, efforts to attract more mainland visitors to Hong Kong are ongoing, with initiatives aimed at promoting the city’s attractions and facilitating smoother travel experiences.