Over 20 men engage in a gangland-style brawl with knives and sticks in Mong Kok


3rd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a shocking incident captured on video, a group of at least 20 men gathered inside a unit and engaged in a violent confrontation. The footage shows individuals wielding knives and sticks, exchanging blows and shouting obscenities at each other. After approximately 30 seconds, the two sides separated, leaving behind a heated exchange of words. Two minutes later, someone shouted, “Stop making noise!” and both parties decided to call a truce. The incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday (2nd) in a unit located in the Mong Kok district. It is believed to be related to a financial dispute between two local gangs, known as “Shui Fong” and “Wo Shing Wo.” The dispute allegedly arose when the members of Shui Fong demanded the repayment of thousands of dollars owed to them by a member of Wo Shing Wo, known as “Ah Pun.” The situation escalated into a violent brawl.

It is reported that a man known as “K Boy,” who has ties to the Shui Fong gang, sought assistance from a prominent figure known as “Gor Lo” and “Da Wah” to settle his debt with Ah Pun from Wo Shing Wo. K Boy had recently repaid the debt of thousands of dollars, but he was apparently dissatisfied with the repayment process. He expressed his grievances to Gor Lo, who took matters into his own hands and led a group of individuals to confront Ah Pun, resulting in the violent incident.

The video footage is believed to have been recorded at around 3am yesterday. Initially, at least 20 men and several women were seen gathered inside the unit, which consisted of at least two rooms. One side of the room had two tables placed against the wall, with some people sitting around, smoking or using their mobile phones. There was a fish tank in one corner of the unit, while the other side of the room had a television playing what appeared to be CCTV footage. Some individuals were attentively watching the screen, occasionally glancing outside the camera’s view, seemingly monitoring the situation near the entrance.

After approximately 20 seconds, one person walked towards the suspected entrance of the unit, pointing towards it and uttering profanity. Subsequently, an individual rushed in from that direction, shouting, “F*** your mother!” while brandishing a stick-like object, initiating an attack on the person who had been pointed at. Several other men appeared, also armed with stick-like objects, and began assaulting the individuals inside the unit. One bald man in black clothing even pulled out a knife multiple times from a green eco-bag but remained mostly at the back of the crowd without approaching the opposing side. The individuals inside the unit defended themselves by grabbing high stools to fend off the attackers, and at one point, someone fell to the ground.

During the confrontation, there were constant exchanges of profanity, but after about half a minute, both sides separated and stood on opposite sides of the unit. A man wearing a red shirt, who seemed to be unaffiliated with either group, stepped forward into the space between the two sides, gesturing for everyone to stop. One man from the group inside the unit approached him, and they embraced each other. However, a masked man with a slanted bag suddenly shouted, “F*** your mother” once again, prompting both sides to raise their weapons and stools, almost reigniting the conflict. Fortunately, they were stopped by onlookers. Subsequently, someone shouted, “Gor Lo! Gor Lo!” Both sides confronted each other for a brief period before gradually calming down. The bald man, who had previously brandished the knife, checked on his comrades and said, “Let’s go, stop making noise.” Afterward, they left the scene.

During the chaos, some of the individuals who had initially been inside the unit took refuge in one of the rooms and closed the door. After the “outsiders” left, someone knocked on the door from outside, but a female voice inside the room responded, “We can’t open it.” Someone called for the keys, and another person urged, “Move aside, move aside.” The man in the red shirt, who had previously intervened to prevent further fighting, made two attempts to kick open the door but was unsuccessful. Another man in a green shirt retrieved a card-sized object similar to an Octopus card from the corner of the room and attempted to unlock the door from outside. The videoends at this point, and further details about the aftermath of the incident are currently unavailable.