Over 100 civilians turn up at Tai Koo MTR to demand station master to explain why police officers were allowed to storm into the station

13th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Over 100 civilians turned up at Tai Koo MTR Station to protest against the Station Master yesterday evening. He was demanded to explain why police officers were allowed to enter the train station before shooting tear gas rounds at protesters. Some of them hurled vulgar words at at him and insisted him to apologise. The station master then recorded their requests to be redirected to the public relations department of MTR Corp.

The station master expressed that he immediately went to Exit C to inspect after he heard about the incident on the day before. He then told other passengers to use alternative exits. The civilians were displeasured as they felt that MTR was irresponsible by not offering shelter to the protesters at Exit C and instead, the station master allowed the police officers to enter and commenced clearance against them.