Outrage over meat drying incident outside apartment unit


28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A recent incident involving the drying of meat outside a window of an apartment unit has sparked controversy and garnered attention from netizens. The photo, shared by a concerned netizen, revealed a resident drying meat, possibly Chinese sausage or wind-dried meat, outside their window. The strong aroma and potential hygiene concerns drew various comments from netizens.

One netizen, Tung Tung, expressed frustration, stating that the dripping water from the drying meat had caused inconvenience and even turned into a salty powder, jokingly referring to it as a seasoning for others. The exact location of the housing estate was questioned by another netizen, Beekk Chan, seeking to identify the area where this incident occurred.

Some netizens shared their personal experiences related to the incident. Shawn Lam, for instance, mentioned that when he previously approached the resident to take a photo of the drying meat, he was offered a taste. Hellowin Chan added that the resident living below the drying unit had to endure the presence of the meat, expressing concern about the potential attraction of rodents.

Opinions were divided among netizens regarding the issue. Atlantis Fung dismissed the matter, stating that if the meat was dried inside the resident’s own home, it wouldn’t be a problem, regardless of the level of humidity. On the other hand, Edith Tso and SuKi Cheung complained about the negative impact of the meat drying, including the greasy and fishy odours that could attract flies and pests.

The discussion even touched upon the issue of laundry hanging in public housing estates. Siu Fun Chung humorously pointed out that the meat drying situation was especially problematic when there were clothes hanging below. Gary LO suggested using the meat as an ingredient in cooking, while Karson Ka Ho Ng proposed enhancing the flavour of the meat. Daniel Kkl made a tongue-in-cheek comment about the potential consequences of the situation.

Stephen Ko emphasized that the designated laundry areas in public housing or subsidized housing estates were intended for drying clothes, and drying meat or sausage could disrupt those living below. Ko expressed confidence that the housing authority would take action as it could affect the living conditions of others.

The incident attracted a range of responses from netizens, with some expressing their surprise and disbelief, such as Letty Ma and Fanny Fan. Albert Choy lightened the mood by comparing the situation to drying meat in parks or on trees by the roadside. Jennis Chan suggested an alternative approach of drying clothes inside the home, while Marco Chung humorously mentioned that others might be raising birds in response to the situation.