Outrage erupts as diner in Tsing Yi restaurant makes himself at home, propping up feet and engaging in gaming


9th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A viral photo captured one diner nonchalantly propping up their bare feet on a seat in a restaurant in Tsing Yi while engrossed in their mobile phone or video game, much to the disgust of onlookers. This brazen act has sparked a wave of criticism, with some netizens remarking, “As long as you imagine you are at home, anywhere can be your home.”

The incident, which took place at a dining establishment in Tsing Yi was originally shared on social media platform by a concerned diner.

The photograph depicted a diner clad in white shorts, seemingly in a state of complete relaxation, reclining with feet raised while indulging in a post-meal gaming session. Meanwhile, a bespectacled diner sitting opposite them, carrying a shoulder bag, appeared unfazed as he calmly sipped water and engaged with his mobile device. Just behind the two individuals sat another table, occupied by diners, including a young girl, who were oblivious to the controversy unfolding nearby.

The sight of diners casually propping up their feet in this manner caused revulsion among observers. The original poster remarked, “It is truly nauseating behaviour.” Netizens swiftly joined the discussion, expressing their disappointment and condemning the lack of courtesy displayed by the diner. Comments such as “No manners,” “Impolite,” “Educational issues,” “Utter lack of culture,” “What kind of upbringing is this?” and “Clearly lacking in manners!” flooded the online discourse. The prevailing sentiment was that such behaviour was an affront to societal norms and a reflection of the erosion of proper manners in public spaces. One netizen cynically remarked, “As long as you imagine you are at home, anywhere can be your home,” emphasising the disregard for basic decorum.