Organisers allegedly call off further protest citing safety issues


12th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) After the violent clashes between protestors and police this afternoon, many protestors who were injured by pepper spray and tear gas retreated to Pacific Place and even IFC mall. Injured victims were attended by fellow protestors while many shops at the malls shunned them. However, it is unsure if protestors would continue to engage in a face-off situation with police. Further, there may be other leaders amongst them who would want to press on.

Several staged accidents happened at around 6.30pm today on Des Voeux road with speculation running rife that the protestors may move their base to Central.

However, our sources revealed that the organisers have decided to call off the protest at 7.48pm pending further meeting amongst themselves. Protestors have been advised to leave now to avoid being caught during peak hours.

The police may have successfully eradicated the protest today but the stand off has triggered widespread anger amongst the civilians and it is unsure if a bigger civil unrest will be staged again soon before the next meeting of the Legislative Council in an effort to push through the contentious extradition bill.