Opera star Warren Mok’s honeymoon takes a disturbing turn as 36-year-old soprano wife faces unsettling wildlife encounter in Thailand


    28th November 2023 – (Bangkok) Celebrated Chinese tenor Warren Mok, renowned as one of the “Three Great Tenors of China,” recently made headlines not only for his romantic wedding but also due to an unfortunate incident during his honeymoon in Thailand. Mok, a 64-year-old opera singer known for his remarkable performances in esteemed opera houses worldwide, tied the knot with renowned soprano Wang Bingbing in a lavish ceremony held at the enchanting Lake Como in Italy. The couple exchanged vows surrounded by their loved ones, marking the beginning of their journey together.

    Following their splendid wedding, Mok and his 36-year-old bride embarked on their much-anticipated honeymoon trip to Thailand. Wang Bingbing, known for sharing glimpses of her life on social media, delighted fans by posting pictures and short videos of their visit to Bangkok. However, their visit took an unexpected turn when they decided to explore the wildlife at a local zoo.

    Wang Bingbing shared her experience on social media, expressing her initial excitement about visiting the Bangkok Safari World, a popular wildlife park renowned for its exotic animals. She wrote, “Is this a must-visit place in Bangkok? Bangkok Safari World has lots of adorable little and big animals, and you get the chance to get up close and personal with them. It’s a day filled with joy.” Little did she know that her encounter with the animals would take a distressing turn.

    In one instance, Wang Bingbing was wearing a pink tank top that accentuated her figure when a giraffe approached and unexpectedly kissed her neck before sniffing her posterior, leaving her visibly shaken. Later, while posing for a photo with an orangutan, the primate showered her with kisses. However, the situation escalated when the orangutan hugged her from behind, touching her chest for an uncomfortable duration of around 10 seconds, prompting her to let out a startled cry. Despite the distressing encounter, Wang Bingbing showed resilience and continued interacting with the animals.

    As the visit came to an end, Wang Bingbing attempted a playful gesture by trying to bump her posterior against the orangutan’s. To her shock, the animal retaliated by reaching between her legs and swiftly slapping her, causing her to scream in horror and flee the scene.