OpenAI President Greg Brockman resigns following CEO Sam Altman’s ouster

    Greg Brockman

    18th November 2023 – (New York) President and Co-founder Greg Brockman of OpenAI has abruptly resigned, shortly after the tech company’s board dismissed CEO Sam Altman. The sudden executive departures have sent ripples throughout the tech industry, leaving many employees blindsided.

    The board of OpenAI, the organisation behind the advanced generative AI, ChatGPT, made the decision to remove Altman late Friday. Altman, often seen as the face of the AI revolution, was reportedly not consistently candid in his dealings with the board, according to a blog post by OpenAI. The post stated the board’s review process led to the conclusion that Altman’s communication hindered its ability to fulfil its responsibilities, though it did not provide further details.

    In the wake of these events, OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, has stepped in to serve as Interim CEO. The company also announced that it will initiate a formal search for a permanent CEO to fill the vacant position.

    Brockman’s departure, signalled by a terse “I quit” on his X account, was as sudden as Altman’s dismissal. It was a move that seemed to catch many OpenAI employees off-guard, as they learned about the executive reshuffle through an internal announcement and the company’s public-facing blog.