OnlyFans model makes a fortune by selling spit for £350 per bottle


29th May 2023 – (London) A UK-based OnlyFans model, Latiesha Jones, has revealed that some of her subscribers are willing to pay hundreds of pounds for her bottled spit. Latiesha has gone viral on TikTok after sharing stories about the crazy things she sells to her subscribers at their personal request. She has sold a small bottle of her spit for £350, a note with her kiss for £100, and a bottle of her bath water for £200. Shockingly, Latiesha sells items like this so often that she regularly runs out of bottles.

Thanks to these paid requests and her other OnlyFans-related income, the model was able to quit her job at Tesco and pay off her student loan at the age of 22. Latiesha has become an overnight sensation on social media, with her first TikTok video on the subject, titled “Weird Things I Sell on the Internet,” garnering more than 625,000 views. Many users praised the model’s creativity and expressed their wishes to earn that kind of money for selling their spit.

However, some users expressed concern that someone might use Latiesha’s spit for nefarious purposes, such as spreading it around a crime scene. In response, Latiesha addressed these concerns in another video, stating that she is not worried about something like this happening to her.

It’s not every day that you hear about someone selling bottled spit, and it’s even rarer for such a story to have a kind of wholesome angle. Latiesha’s success in selling her body fluids to her subscribers is a testament to the power of OnlyFans and the growing trend of content creators monetising their intimate content.