Only son of late former Secretary for Security defies his father to become an actor

Glen Lee (left) and his late father Ambrose Lee (right).

14th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) 73-year-old Ambrose Lee Siu-kwong, the former Secretary for Security of Hong Kong and a member of the Executive Council passed away in his sleep this morning. Many senior government officials including Chief Executive John Lee expressed their sorrow over the passing of Lee.

His only son, 42-year-old Glen Lee Lam Yan is a contract actor with TVB. He graduated from the 17th TVB Artist Training Course in 2003. He is married and has a son and a daughter. He used to be a disc jockey for DBC Digital Radio and is currently working as an actor at TVB. Lee once revealed in an exclusive interview that his father had been very strict with him since he was a child. Lee was sent by his father to study in the U.K. when he was in high school. When he graduated from high school, he was accepted by two universities in London, but he wanted to return to Hong Kong so he hid the admission letters and lied to his father and insisted on returning to Hong Kong. He then joined the entertainment industry, and his father later accepted his decision to choose an acting career.