Only 7 out of the 14 circulator fans in market pass the safety test – Consumer Council of Hong Kong


15th April 2019 – (Hong Kong) Consumer Council of Hong Kong conducted a test on 14 different brands of circulator fans and concluded that only 7 fulfilled the safety requirements. Lowest flow rate efficiency of 60% and energy efficiency of 70% were recorded in the samples tested.

7 of the 14 products retailing between HK$480 – HK$1698 that didn’t pass the test include ‘Vornado ‘ – 630-HK, ‘Imarflex’ – IFQ-23JR, ‘German Pool’ – EFS-3608, ‘ecHome’ – DF9CRM, ‘Iris’ – PCFC18T, ‘Innotec’ – IC-3643 and ‘Nutzen’ – NDC-8. Despite the fact that Vornado being the most expensive model, it failed the test against electric shock. Electrical shock can occur if a person comes into contact with the blades when the fan cover is removed.

Both Innotec and German Pool (the cheapest amongst all) are fire hazards as they failed both the 750°C and 860°C hot wire ignition test.

Meanwhile, Iris and Nutzen failed the safety test as the blades can be reached by human fingers.

Finally, MUJI MJ-CF18UK has the lowest flow rate efficiency while Innotec has the lowest energy efficiency.

‘Vornado ‘ – 630-HK
Imarflex – IFQ-23JR
‘German Pool’ – EFS-3608
ecHome’ – DF9CRM
‘Iris’ – PCFC18T
‘Innotec’ – IC-3643
Nutzen – NDC-8
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