Only 65% of 20 domestic gas water heaters tested perform well, one fails safety tests


14th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Consumer Council and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department tested 20 samples of domestic gas water heaters. Of the 20 samples, 65% of the water heaters performed well. However, one of the gas heater samples failed some safety tests and the pressure relief valve was not set. The prices of the samples vary greatly, and there is not necessarily a good product at a low price. The two water heaters with the same overall performance have a price difference of more than double.

A total of 20 gas water heaters from 16 brands were tested this time, all of which are equipped with the “GU” safety mark of the Gas Authority. Among them, 11 were gas water heaters and the other 9 were LPG water heaters. The Consumer Council’s test found that 65% of the 20 models of water heaters performed well, but the prices were very different. The basic installation cost of the water heaters ranged from HK$3,500 to HK$10,060. However, among the boilers of the same gas type, “Crown CGS” CW-1201RF with a minimum price of HK$4,380 when compared with the other sample “TGC” NJW12RM, which costs more than HK$9,110, received a better overall rating of 4.5 points, reflecting the product’s quality does not necessarily commensurate with price. When buying water heaters, safety is of paramount importance. In the pressure performance test of the waterway system, the pressure relief valve of a water heater sample ” Pacific” PGH-12 with a maximum applicable water pressure of 1,000 kilopascals (kPa) was triggered open when the water pressure was only 750 kPa.

” Pacific” PGH-12

The performance of hot water output directly affects the comfort of the user when taking a shower. The test assumed that the temperature of tap water in winter was 15°C and the temperature of bath hot water was 40°C. The results showed that the hot water flow rate of the 20 models was approximately 89% to 109% consistent with the claimed value, of which 18 models were 95% or more, and 1 water heater sample which has the lowest level of consistency (89%) “Gas Hibachi” “Hy-13TWS claimed that the hot water flow rate is 13 litres per minute, but the actual flow rate was only 11.6 litres per minute, which was slightly below the lower limit (90%) required by the standard.

The Consumer Council reminds consumers that when purchasing and using gas water heaters, they should ensure that the product bears the “GU” mark and operates in accordance with the instructions in the manual.