Only 2 COVID-19 cases reported in Hong Kong, sources, lowest since the beginning of 3rd wave


25th September 2020 – (Hong Kong) The COVID-19 epidemic has eased in Hong Kong. According to sources, only two new confirmed cases were added today and they are related to the earlier cases. As of yesterday, there were 5,057 cases in Hong Kong. Single-digit cases have been recorded for 5 consecutive days and it is the lowest number of cases in one day since the beginning of the third wave.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government announced yesterday that it will list the United Kingdom as a high-risk area. Those arriving in Hong Kong from the United Kingdom must hold 72-hour negative test results starting next Thursday. A certificate of no infection and a proof that a hotel in Hong Kong has been booked for quarantine must be produced before boarding. The current epidemic in France, Spain, Italy and other European countries is on the rise, Hong Kong government is also urged to list the relevant countries as high-risk areas.

One of the new cases was imported from the United Kingdom yesterday. It was stated that the authorities should pay attention to the quarantine arrangements for people arriving in Hong Kong. He also believes that the government should consider expropriating certain hotels for centralised quarantine. The ideal approach is to quarantine the relevant persons alone and not live with their families. Regarding the easing of the local epidemic situation, it was estimated that the number of confirmed cases would last for more than one to two weeks.

It is hoped that there will be zero confirmed cases from the beginning of next month to the middle of next month. In addition, he urged that during the Mid-Autumn Festival and November holidays, public mass activities should be avoided. After the number of confirmed cases is reduced to zero, the government may consider relaxing gathering ban.