Online stir over viral photo of female university student rocking Richard Mille watch, Rolls Royce umbrella, and expensive jewellery while commuting on bus


14th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A recent photo shared by a netizen has caused quite a stir. The photo captures an ordinary-looking student sister dressed in a school uniform. However, the netizen’s caption raised eyebrows: “Hello, boss! How can I assist you?”

Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that this ponytailed student, sporting glasses and a “Tsinghua University” backpack, is not as ordinary as she seems. The watch on her right-hand carries some serious prestige. It is a Richard Mille RM 037, a timepiece worth close to HK$2 million, produced in 2020.

Netizens were left in awe, with comments like, “Just a top-tier rich second-generation getting a taste of life,” “Sitting there like royalty,” “Is that bus hers?” “Can I marry into this family?” “This flex is on another level,” and “Humble is not an option in her household.”

Keen-eyed netizens also noticed that it wasn’t just the expensive watch on her right hand that caught their attention. Even her left hand held a designer umbrella with the Rolls-Royce logo, causing further astonishment. Comments flooded in, exclaiming, “The umbrella on the left is worth approximately HK$5,100.”

Some individuals even went on to expose the student’s full ensemble of branded items, revealing, “Shoes: LV trainers, Umbrella: Rolls-Royce, Ring: Hermès, Bracelet: Van Cleef & Arpels, Watch: Richard Mille.”

However, scepticism also emerged among netizens. Doubts were raised, suggesting, “She must have a private chauffeur! It’s unlikely for her to take the bus. Could these items be counterfeit?” “If everything she’s wearing is genuine, someone with such a net worth would typically have a driver for safety and convenience,” and “I saw another photo of her standing while taking the bus yesterday. Starting to suspect it’s all staged.”

The student was wearing a Richard Mille watch and holding a Rolls Rolls umbrella.
Richard Mille RM037
A second-hand similar watch was spotted on Carousell.