Online speculation is rife that Mainland star Mark Huang has reunited with HK actress Angelababy


    6th February 2023 – (Shanghai) Mainland male star Mark Huang Xiaoming and Hong Kong actress Angelababy (Yeung Wing) held the wedding of the century when they got married in 2015 and they announced their divorce in January 2021. Huang Xiaoming was even rumoured to be in new relationship with social media influencer Ye Ke. However, recently, Huang Xiaoming was discovered by netizens to be still be wearing the wedding ring on his right index finger when he back to his hometown in Shandong this year to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Netizens spotted the diamond-encrusted wedding ring.

    Judging from the photos, it seems to be the same wedding ring he wore when he was married to Angelababy. In fact, this is not the first time they have been rumoured to be reunited. Angelababy was spotted wearing similar red outfit in her New Year’s greeting photos.