Oil Street Art Space showcases new site-specific works created by local artists  till 2nd January 2023

Photo shows artist Jessica Fu’s work, "Data Collecting (Universe)".

6th September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Oil Street Art Space (Oi!) launched the “Oi! OnSite Artists in Residence and Exhibition Project” early this year, inviting two local artists, Jessica Fu and Vvzela Kook, to conduct regular research on-site and create site-specific works. The duo injected contemporary imagination and meaning into Oi! – where old meets new – through their unique artistic perspective and interpretation. Their work will be on display at Oi! from today, enabling visitors to create personal memories and experiences at the new extension of Oi! to connect people, places and stories, truly activating this new urban space.

Photo shows artist Jessica Fu’s work, “Data Collecting (Universe)”.
Photo shows artist Vvzela Kook’s work, “Phantom Island”.

Artist Jessica Fu joined forces with her collaboration team to create a series of works under the theme of “Data Collecting (Universe)”, including a fictional sci-fi map, image installation “Date Collecting (Tree)” and the virtual internet-based work “11152182852000”, which form a sci-fi story at Oi!, enabling audiences to rethink the reality of the historical site and the elasticity of collective memory through the power of art. New media artist Vvzela Kook created “Phantom Island” to record the changes in Hong Kong’s coastline over the past century with drawings, videos and installations that re-examine the evolution of the city as an organic entity.
 “Oi! OnSite Artists in Residence and Exhibition Project” is presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and organised by Oi!. The project work will be on display from today until 2nd January next year at Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point. For details of the project, please visit the website at www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/Museum/APO/en_US/web/apo/oi_projects_and_programmes.html or call 2512 3000.

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