Oil Street Art Space new exhibitions showcase digital technology and materiality installation artworks from tomorrow

Photo shows Hong Kong electronic musician and multimedia artist Choi Sai-ho's "Hush‧Rush" exhibition, where he uses 360 degree projections to construct a unique space in the exhibition gallery.

28th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) Oil Street Art Space, also known as Oi!, has unveiled its “Oi! Spotlight” project, which features three talented artists showcasing their latest works of digital technology, materiality, and installation at three exhibition spaces – both old and new. The first two exhibitions, “Ventriloquists’ Stone” by Nadim Abbas and “Hush‧Rush” by Choi Sai-ho, are set to open on 1st March, while the third, “DOKU Hong Kong Experience Center” by mainland artist Lu Yang, will open on 18th March.

Abbas, an installation artist and an active member of the Hong Kong art scene, has a reputation for fabricating complex and ambiguous scenarios that challenge the human cognitive threshold. In his “Ventriloquists’ Stone” exhibition, Abbas explores the aesthetics of miniature dioramas by constructing a surrealistic landscape in the gallery. Through a clever combination of sound, light, and performance, visitors are invited to embark on a journey through the strange recesses of the imagination. During the five-month exhibition period, Abbas will adjust the exhibition’s content weekly, offering visitors a constantly evolving experience.

Photo shows the Curator of Oi!, Ms Joan Chung (right), participating artists Nadim Abbas (left) and Choi Sai-ho (centre).
Photo shows installation artist Nadim Abbas’s “Ventriloquists’ Stone” exhibition, which invites audience to embark on a journey of strange recesses of the imagination by employing a witty orchestration of sound, light and performance.

Choi, a Hong Kong electronic musician and multimedia artist, is renowned for expanding the audience’s imagination through the interaction of sounds and moving images across time, geography, and space. His exhibition, titled “Hush‧Rush,” employs 360-degree projections to showcase images of a beach and urban landscapes, accompanied by the sounds of ocean waves and electronic beats. Choi has constructed a unique space in the exhibition gallery at Oi! Warehouse, a former yacht warehouse.

The exhibition is presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and organized by Oi!. Choi’s “Hush‧Rush” and Abbas’s “Ventriloquists’ Stone” will be on display from 1st March to 30th July at Oi! Warehouse. Meanwhile, Lu’s “DOKU Hong Kong Experience Center” will open to the public from 18th March to 27th August at Oi! Glassie.