Official task force established to investigate 17-year-old female student assigned to bathe and massage male clients during off-campus internship in China

Yongqi Skincare and Hairstyling

23rd September 2023 – (Chongqing) Chongqing’s Kaizhou District Vocational Education Centre is facing an investigation after a 17-year-old student, known as Wang Tangfei (pseudonym), revealed that she was assigned to perform bathing and prostate massage services for male clients during her professional internship in the main urban area of Chongqing. In response to the incident, Li Xiaohai, the director of the Kaizhou District Education Commission, stated on Thursday (21st) that the commission attaches great importance to the matter and has established a task force to investigate and verify the claims.

Wang Tangfei, a 17-year-old student, was assigned to an internship at the Yongqi Skincare and Hairstyling Hu Jin Branch in the main urban area of Chongqing, operated by Shanghai Yongqi Beauty and Hairdressing Management Co., Ltd. The company has been collaborating with the vocational education center involved for over five years and has accepted more than 40 students for internships this year.

According to Wang Tangfei, during her off-campus professional internship that started on 1st July, she was assigned by Yongqi Skincare and Hairstyling Hu Jin Branch to perform massages for male clients. Later, she was required to bathe the male clients and provide prostate maintenance massages. However, an agreement signed by the vocational education center, the students, and the internship site explicitly stated that the internship site should not arrange or require students to provide physical care for individuals of the opposite sex. Wang Tangfei reported the incident to her homeroom teacher on July 15th, but no action was taken. However, Wang Tangfei’s homeroom teacher, Mr. Li, denied that she had reported the matter to him. Nevertheless, chat records provided by Wang Tangfei indicate that she did raise the issue.

Upon learning the details of her daughter’s work, Mrs. Hu, Wang Tangfei’s mother, was shocked and reported the matter to the Chongqing police on 14th Seotenber. The investigation was taken up by the Yuanyang Police Station under the Chongqing Public Security Bureau’s Liangjiang New Area Sub-bureau. After verifying the information, the police found irregularities in the management of Yongqi Beauty and Hairdressing Salon, including failure to comply with regulations regarding the management of bathing establishments. The owner of the salon, Mr. Qi, was brought to the police station for further investigation, and the next steps will depend on the circumstances.

Regarding the incident, Li Xiaohai, the director of the Kaizhou District Education Commission, stated that the immediate priority is to ensure the safety of the students. A working group from the commission has been dispatched to Chongqing to investigate whether other students have encountered similar issues. Strengthening student management is also a crucial aspect. Following this, the commission will take comprehensive measures to enhance management, such as selecting internship sites and improving the supervision of interns. Jiang Dihui, the vice principal of the Kaizhou District Vocational Education Centre, and the staff of the Education Science and Technology Department of the Kaizhou District Education Commission, stated that once the police investigation results are obtained, they will handle the matter accordingly.