Off-duty police officer faces drink driving charges for mounting sidewalk in Mong Kok, sentencing adjourned to 26th March


29th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A male police officer was found driving a light goods vehicle that mounted a pedestrian sidewalk in Mong Kok, subsequently leading to suspicions of drink driving last year. He faced prosecution for three charges, and the case was brought before the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts today (29th). The defendant pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol, while the charge of resisting arrest, originally brought against him, was dropped by the prosecution. Taking into account the defendant’s admission of guilt and other factors, the judge ordered a pre-sentence report for the defendant, who will be sentenced on 26th March. In the meantime, the defendant remains on bail.

The accused, 47-year-old Lee Suet-fai, did not disclose his occupation in the charge sheet. He has since been suspended from duty. According to the prosecution, the defendant had a previous conviction for careless driving. The defendant admitted to the charges of dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol, which occurred on 4th April, 2023, at the intersection of Dundas Street and Nathan Road in Mong Kok. He was driving a light goods vehicle with the registration number WT1255. The defendant’s blood alcohol content exceeded the legal limit of 70 milligrams per 100 millilitres.

According to the agreed facts, in the early hours of the day at around 4am, law enforcement officers discovered the defendant’s light goods vehicle parked on a pedestrian crossing. The defendant was found asleep in the driver’s seat, and the officers instructed him to open the door. Subsequently, the vehicle moved forward and then reversed, colliding with a traffic light. The test results revealed that the defendant’s blood alcohol content was not less than 70 milligrams per 100 millilitres. The defendant admitted to consuming alcohol after being cautioned. After admitting to these two charges, the defendant had another charge of resisting a law enforcement officer dropped by the prosecution. This charge alleged that on the same day, outside 37 Dundas Street in Mong Kok, the defendant resisted the execution of duties by Police Sergeant 2448, Police Officer 35052, and Police Officer 26695.