Octopus introduces night promotions from 9th Oct onwards: Get 5% rebate for retail purchases over $200 after 9pm


20th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Octopus Cards Limited (Octopus) is set to launch the “night rewards” campaign, introducing a series of exclusive evening offers through the Octopus App in conjunction with the recently launched “Night Vibes Hong Kong”.

From 9th October 2023, to 30th November, 2023, members of the Octopus “Night Rewards” programme can enjoy a 5% rebate on their single retail purchase transaction of HK$200 or more after 9pm at all retail merchants accepting Octopus payment*. This rebate applies to both physical Octopus cards and Octopus stored in mobile devices. During the promotional period, each member can receive a maximum rebate of HK$100 in Octopus value, and the total quota is set at 100,000 members.

Furthermore, in a bid to encourage collaboration between small and medium-sized merchants and Octopus, new applicants who use the commercial version of the Octopus App will enjoy a waiver of the bank account fund transfer fees for the first six months.

Octopus will provide detailed information about the campaign through its website and social media channels. Citizens are encouraged to visit the Octopus website and follow their social media accounts for more updates.