Octopus Cards Limited introduces Card Replacement Program impacting cards issued since 2002


30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong-based Octopus Cards Limited has announced the launch of its “Card Replacement Program,” following the completion of its earlier generation card replacement initiative. Under this new program, Octopus cards issued from 2002 onwards will be gradually replaced on a monthly basis. Users will be able to transfer their existing cards to mobile Octopus cards through the Octopus mobile application when they hear a distinctive prompt sound, “beep beep beep,” upon tapping their cards. Alternatively, users can visit designated locations to exchange their old cards for new ones.

To ensure a smooth transition, Octopus Cards Limited will provide a minimum notice period of three months to remind customers to replace their Octopus cards. The remaining deposit, balance, and most services or benefits stored on the old cards will be automatically transferred to the mobile Octopus cards or new physical cards. Users also have the option to return their old Octopus cards to arrange for a refund of their deposit and remaining balance. Once the three-month notice period has expired, the old cards will become invalid. However, if users replace their cards or return them within one year of the card’s expiration, they will not be charged any “Overdue Replacement Administrative Fee.” Otherwise, Octopus Cards Limited will deduct an annual administrative fee of HK$20 from the deposit and balance of the expired card until both amounts are fully depleted, rendering the Octopus card ineligible for replacement.