Octopus card users reminded to collect remaining HK$1,000 first phase consumption vouchers from today onwards


16th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) Many citizens have already received the first round of HK$2,000 of the second phase of consumption vouchers. However, citizens who used Octopus cards to collect them during first phase should pay attention. Those who have not received the last tranche of HK$1,000 in the first phase can start collecting the balance from today at designated convenience stores, supermarkets, public transport fare subsidy collection stations, etc.

They need to tap their Octopus cards to collect the vouchers, or use the mobile app. The condition is that citizens must have accumulated qualified consumption of HK$4,000. Together with the first round of HK$2,000 consumption coupons in the second phase of last Sunday (7th), a total of HK$3,000 can be obtained this month. As for the remaining HK$1,000 consumer vouchers in the second phase, citizens can collect them as early as 16th December.