Ocean tugboat towing Jumbo Floating Restaurant bound for Cambodia veers in zigzag course near Paracel Islands before sinkage


22nd June 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Jumbo Floating Boat was towed away from Hong Kong last Tuesday (14th), and was handed over to an ocean tugboat near Luk Chau, Lamma Island. It then sank 1,000m into waters near the Paracel Islands on Saturday (18th). The owner, Aberdeen Catering Group, has not disclosed the information on the ocean tugboat or its course, and reiterated that it would not reveal the original destination.

Local media HK01 found out that the ocean tugboat is “Jaewon 9” and its original destination was Cambodia. The Jumbo Floating Boat was bound for Cambodia to undergo repair. On Sunday (19th), it suddenly veered off-course near the Paracel Islands in a zigzag direction. Subsequent to media enquiries, the Hong Kong agent of the ocean tugboat refused to respond and the owner did not reply. The Marine Department also confirmed that the destination of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant was Cambodia, and it will require the shipowner to submit a report and follow up on the investigation.

According to Marine Traffic, an online Global Ship Tracking Intelligence, Jaewon 9 arrived in Hong Kong on the 13th June. On the morning of the 14th, it appeared near the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter and the waters around Lamma Island. It left Hong Kong waters at 5pm and sailed southwestward. The final stop was Cambodia.

Jaewon 9. Source: Marine Traffic
Source: MarineTraffic
Source: MarineTraffic

Source: MarineTraffic