Ocean Park to implement salary cuts of between 5% to 15% on employees


25th September 2020 – (Hong Kong) Ocean Park which has been temporarily closed twice issued a notice to employees today (25th), stating that the current arrangement for unpaid leave for employees will be cancelled on the 1st of next month, and it will be changed to a full-time basis depending on the positions. Salary cuts will range between 5% to 15%, of which higher-level positions will face more cuts.

The relevant arrangements will be reviewed at the end of the year. According to the notice issued by Ocean Park, the board of directors of the park has accepted and approved the cost-saving measures cancellation plan submitted by the Park management, and agreed to cancel the first round of cost-saving measures implemented since March this year. The park will implement a new round of cost-saving measures which will apply to some full-time employees. The salary reduction rate depends on the positions of the employee. Among them, salaries for the administrative staff will be reduced by 15%, salaries for the assistant administrative staff will be reduced by 10%, and salaries for the staff at levels 7 to 9 will be reduced by 5%. The salary reduction measures will be implemented from the 1st of next month to 31st December this year. The park will review the arrangement again in December this year.

Ocean Park confirmed that it would make arrangements for salary reductions, saying that COVID-19 epidemic has lasted for a long time and the extremely severe market environment shows no signs of recovery. For this reason, the park must continue to implement strict cost management and adhere to the principle of careful use of government funding i.e. the park will continue to review all cost control measures based on market conditions.