Nvidia’s Israel-1 AI supercomputer begins initial operations

    Jensen Huang

    21st November 2023 – (Tel Aviv) Nvidia, the leading U.S. tech giant, has announced the commencement of initial operations for its hyper-scale generative artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer in Israel. The supercomputer, named “Israel-1,” is the country’s most powerful AI system and one of the world’s fastest for AI calculations. It is expected to deliver exceptional performance, running at eight exaflops of peak AI performance and 130 petaflops of scientific computing.

    The construction of the Israel-1 supercomputer was completed in less than 20 weeks, two months ahead of schedule. This rapid deployment sets it apart from traditional supercomputers, which often take several years to build. Nvidia’s efficient execution has enabled the system to be operational sooner, providing a significant advantage for researchers and developers.

    The Israel-1 supercomputer is now available for use by Nvidia’s research and development teams and selected partners in Israel. During this phase, the system will function as a testbed for building supercomputers using Nvidia’s Spectrum-X platform. The platform focuses on accelerated networking, aiming to enhance the performance and efficiency of Ethernet-based AI clouds.

    In the coming stages, the Israeli supercomputer will be incorporated into Nvidia’s DGX Cloud supercomputing service. This expansion will enable a broader audience to access the powerful capabilities of the Israel-1 system. By leveraging Nvidia’s advanced technology, researchers and enterprises worldwide will be able to harness the transformative potential of AI.

    Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia, expressed his enthusiasm for the Israel-1 AI supercomputer, highlighting its potential to drive innovation. He emphasised that the system will empower a wide range of innovative companies in Israel to create AI solutions that can revolutionise productivity and business models worldwide.