Nvidia expands AI capabilities with US$700 million acquisition of Israeli firm Run:ai


    25th April 2024 – (Jerusalem) U.S. technology leader Nvidia has announced the acquisition of Israeli AI specialist Run:ai. The deal, which was finalised on Wednesday, is reported by Israeli media to be valued at approximately $700 million, although the financial details were not officially disclosed by either company.

    Nvidia, known globally for its powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI solutions, stated that the acquisition is aimed at enhancing the efficiency with which its customers deploy AI computing resources. This strategic move underscores Nvidia’s commitment to maintaining its leadership in the burgeoning AI technology sector.

    Founded in 2018, Run:ai has quickly distinguished itself within the tech industry by developing a specialized operating system designed for the latest AI processors. This system incorporates advanced virtualization technologies, which are crucial for optimising the performance and scalability of AI applications.

    Operating out of Tel Aviv, a hub for tech innovation, Run:ai has attracted a diverse clientele ranging from global corporations to nimble startups. These companies operate across various sectors, including finance, automotive, and healthcare, and are keen to leverage AI for enhanced data analysis and decision-making processes. The firm’s technology is also employed by top-tier academic institutions, further highlighting its robust capabilities and the broad applicability of its solutions.