Nurse hit by falling ceiling tile at Kwai Chung Hospital


29th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Kwai Chung Hospital has experienced another incident of a falling ceiling tile, with a nurse being hit by a fake ceiling tile measuring 60cm by 31cm in a treatment room of a psychiatric ward. The incident occurred around 8 p.m. on May 28, causing the nurse to experience minor head pain. The nurse was taken to the emergency room at Princess Margaret Hospital for examination and was found to have no serious injuries.

The hospital has expressed great concern about the incident and will investigate the relationship between the removal of fake ceilings and the incident. The hospital will also request the personnel responsible for the work to pay attention to related issues and follow up accordingly.

After the incident, the hospital’s engineering personnel immediately conducted emergency repairs, and the hospital is currently investigating the cause of the incident. They will also inspect the rest of the fake ceilings in the ward. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the incident does not involve building structure safety, no concrete has fallen off nearby, and patient services have not been affected. The hospital has extended its condolences to the affected nurse and will provide appropriate assistance. The incident has been reported to the Hospital Authority.

This incident is the hospital’s third instance of falling ceiling tiles in recent months, with the previous two occurring in April. The repeated incidents have raised concerns about the safety of the hospital’s facilities and the management’s handling of the situation.