Nun loses around HK$5,000 from village home in Tsuen Wan due to theft


26th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 10.45am today a nun living alone in Ha Fa Shan Tsuen, Tsuen Wan, found that the side door of her residence was opened, and the cash stored in various places in the house was suspected to have been stolen, so she reported to the police for help. The police officers arrived at the scene and found out that the total loss of about HK$5,000 was missing. The case was initially classified as “theft” and the criminal investigation team of the Tsuen Wan Police District was handed over to follow up. It is reported that the victim usually lives alone in the village house and placed a total of more than HK$7,000 in cash in various places in the house. When a disciple visited her house this morning, he found that the doors, windows and cabinets of her residence were opened. It is suspected that someone who knew the nun committed the theft.