Number tags used in protest allegedly created for customers of badminton shop located in King Hing Building in Mong Kok, known for brothels


27th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A homeowner committee in Metro Town organised a protest on Sunday in Tseung Kwan O. The demonstration was held to voice concerns over a controversial issue. To ensure the protest remained peaceful and orderly, the police implemented a new requirement for all participants. Each protester was required to wear a number tag around their neck. The new rule for protesters required each participant to wear a number tag. The purpose of the tag was to ensure that no more than 100 individuals participated in the procession. Additionally, those wearing masks were required to provide proof of a “reasonable excuse” for doing so. This was to prevent any potential disruptions or violent behaviour during the protest. Despite the new rule, the protest went ahead as planned. Participants were seen holding up signs and chanting slogans. The atmosphere remained peaceful, with no reports of any disturbances or clashes with the police.

Male customers are often spotted queuing at King Hing Building to visit brothels.

In a separate incident, a Facebook post went viral after a netizen shared a picture of a similar tag. The tag was created as a satire for visitors to a badminton sports shop located on the 2nd floor in King Hing Building in Mong Kok which is also famous for brothels. Some individuals visit the badminton shop after visiting the prostitutes to wash off any suspicion. The post joked that the tag would serve as evidence that the individual was only there to buy badminton rackets.

The netizen claimed that the badminton shop’s owner i.e. Wan Kee Sports created a new tag system. The tag read, “I really came up to see the badminton racket!” The shop owner offered different types of tags, including daily, monthly, and yearly tags. Specific tags could be issued for particular days, such as “331, I really came up to see the badminton racket in King Hing Building on this day.” However, it is believed that the company would not have created such tags for its customers.

Tag created for King Hing Building