Number of primary and secondary schools reduced by 70 classes year-on-year, situation to worsen further


29th September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, coupled with political and social unrest, has led to a wave of migration in Hong Kong, which has greatly affected the education sector. Legislative Council member Chu Kwok-keung said on a radio program today (29th) that both secondary and primary schools will have to reduce classes in the new school year. Together with the approved classes listed in the Primary School Profiles 2022, the number of primary and secondary schools has been reduced by 70 classes year-on-year.

He believes that the situation is in line with the expectation that the reduction of classes will become more and more serious in the next few years. Chui said that the reduction of classes in the first grade of primary school is mainly due to the flow of ‘door-knock’ admission of students. He believes that the Education Bureau should reduce the number of ‘door-knock’ places per class to one, while the number of students in primary and secondary schools can be reduced to more than 20 people per class to solve the problem of class reduction and to optimise the quality of teaching. Teachers can have more time to take care of students with special learning needs. In the long run, students from the Mainland can also be admitted, and the talent program can be relaxed, allowing incoming talents to bring their children to study in Hong Kong.