Nucleic acid testing requirements further reduced in the Mainland, COVID-19 patients who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms can be isolated at home


7th December 2022 – (Beijing) The joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council issued a notice on Wednesday (7th) requiring further optimisation and implementation of the prevention and control measures for the COVID-19 epidemic. There are a total of 10 requirements, including the demarcation of high-risk areas by buildings, units, floors, and delineated high-risk residential areas.

The authorities require nucleic acid testing for all persons not to be carried out according to administrative regions, further reducing the scope and frequency of nucleic acid testing. Asymptomatic infected persons and mild patients who are eligible for home isolation can be quarantined at home. The notice requires that no nucleic acid test certificates and health codes will be checked for cross-district persons, and no inspections at checkpoints will be carried out. In terms of isolation measures, persons with asymptomatic infections and mild symptoms who are eligible for home isolation are generally quarantined at home, or they can voluntarily choose centralised isolation for treatment.

All regions have implemented “rapid lockdown and rapid release” measures in high-risk areas. High-risk areas with no new infections for 5 consecutive days must be released in time.