Not guilty verdict for policewoman accused of supermarket theft in Tuen Mun

Trend Plaza

11th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A policewoman accused of theft from a Tuen Mun supermarket has been acquitted of all charges by a Tuen Mun magistrate. The policewoman, who pleaded not guilty to the theft charge, was alleged to have taken HK$160 worth of food from the Trend Plaza supermarket in Tuen Mun while off-duty in July of the previous year.

During the trial at the Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Courts, Magistrate Raymond Wong carefully considered the defendant’s circumstances before delivering the non-guilty verdict. The magistrate acknowledged the serious depression the defendant was experiencing at the time of the incident, along with her sleep deprivation caused by not taking medication on time. Additionally, the defendant’s two sick children, one of whom required hospitalization, demanded her attention during her limited spare time.

Magistrate Wong emphasized that parents naturally worry about their children, and given the defendant’s illness and the specific circumstances surrounding the incident, the possibility of unintentional forgetfulness in paying for the groceries could not be ruled out.

Furthermore, the prosecutor failed to establish intent “beyond a reasonable doubt,” leading to the defendant’s acquittal. The court recognized the importance of proving intent and found the evidence presented insufficient to establish the defendant’s guilt.