Norwegian Prime Minister expresses interest in strengthening cooperation with China

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store

22nd February 2024 – (Kirkenes) Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store has expressed his administration’s strong desire to expand cooperation with China across multiple sectors, including energy and climate change. In an exclusive interview with Xinhua during the Kirkenes Conference—an important annual event in Northern Norway—Store emphasised the need for broad collaboration between the two countries.

Acknowledging China’s significant global influence, Store highlighted the importance of working with China on energy, climate change, and matters of peace and security. Given China’s role in the world economy, Norway recognises the necessity of engaging with the country to address these critical issues.

Kirkenes, located within the Arctic Circle, serves as a pivotal centre in the Sor-Varanger municipality of Finnmark County, Northern Norway. The Kirkenes Conference, initiated in 2008, aims to shed light on various aspects of development in Northern Norway and its neighbouring regions, encompassing political, business, and social progress.

The Prime Minister’s remarks underscore Norway’s commitment to forging strong ties with China, recognizing the mutual benefits that cooperation can bring. As both nations face common challenges in energy transition and environmental sustainability, increased collaboration can pave the way for innovative solutions and shared progress.

Norway, renowned for its expertise in renewable energy and sustainable practices, seeks to leverage its strengths and exchange knowledge with China, a global leader in renewable technologies and carbon reduction initiatives. By fostering closer ties, the two countries can contribute significantly to the global efforts aimed at mitigating climate change and building a more sustainable future.

Prime Minister Store’s statements signal a positive step towards deeper bilateral cooperation between Norway and China, offering prospects for fruitful collaboration in areas of mutual interest and reinforcing the commitment to addressing shared global challenges.