North Korean propaganda anthem “Friendly Father” goes viral on social media, internet jokingly claims victory over Taylor Swift


22nd May 2024 – (Seoul) The world was taken by surprise when a North Korean propaganda anthem titled “Friendly Father” became an unexpected sensation on social media platforms. The catchy pop song celebrates the notorious leader Kim Jong Un, presenting him as a warm-hearted and benevolent figure. Its vibrant melody and euphoric music video made it an easy target for content creators who used satire to mock the dictator and his regime.

While some perceive the song as a humorous creation, experts warn against underestimating the strategic intent behind its production and widespread distribution. Dr. Emma Briant, an expert in propaganda and information warfare from Monash University, emphasizes that the video’s mass distribution aligns with North Korea’s broader strategy.

The song, which aims to soften Kim Jong Un’s image at home and abroad, depicts him as a loving father figure akin to the nation’s founder, Kim Il Sung. Edward Goldring, a North Korea researcher and lecturer at Melbourne University, explains that this portrayal is intended to foster trust and loyalty among the North Korean population.

Despite its humorous undertones, the song’s popularity amplifies North Korea’s influence globally and enhances its regional interests. By presenting Kim Jong Un as a figure of amusement rather than fear, the regime seeks to improve its reputation on the international stage. However, it is important to acknowledge the ongoing human rights abuses and the serious issues that persist within North Korea.

Social media users, including influencers, have engaged with the song, often using it as a source of parody. While many clarify their lack of support for the regime, there is a concern that the broader understanding of North Korea’s realities may be overshadowed by the song’s comedic appeal.