Noise complaints surge following S2O Hong Kong Songkran Music Festival


10th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) The S2O Hong Kong Songkran Music Festival, held at the Central Waterfront Event Space over two consecutive days (8th to 9th June) , has been mired in controversy. Reports have emerged regarding a deluge of noise complaints that plagued Sunday night, prompting an investigation by the authorities.

Residents from various locations within Wong Tai Sin, including Lok Fu and Tsz Wan Shan, reached out to the police on the night of 9th June, between 9pm to 11pm, expressing their frustration over the incessant barrage of loud soundwaves, vibrations, and intense music beats. They firmly believed that the disturbance was linked to the music festival taking place across the sea.

While the allegations surfaced, some netizens questioned the plausibility of the noise originating solely from the music festival. Their scepticism stemmed from the belief that the volume of the music would not have been powerful enough to reach Wong Tai Sin alone. If such were the case, the entirety of Hong Kong and Kowloon would have also been affected.

Responding to media inquiries, the police acknowledged the substantial number of reports they received concerning the disturbance on the previous night. Although they had informed the press about the ongoing music festival in Central, they refrained from confirming whether the boisterous noise was directly linked to the event.