No.3 alarm fire at San Po Kong garage: Nearly 50 motorcycles destroyed, 1 firefighter hospitalised


24th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) A fire broke out at a garage on Sze Mei Street in San Po Kong at 8.11pm on 23rd May. The fire was upgraded to No. 3 alarm at 12.23am today, and it was put under control at 2.50am and largely extinguished at 3.45am. Firefighters used two jets and mobilised four breathing apparatus teams to fight the blaze.

One firefighter felt unwell and was sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. The fire occurred at a motorcycle repair workshop, and 29 people were evacuated to a safe place. The garage, which was approximately 10 meters by 10 meters, was located underground. During the firefighting, there were multiple explosions, and firefighters had to immediately evacuate from the scene.

The garage was difficult to access due to the large amount of clutter and the location of the loft. Additionally, the garage stored 50 motorcycles and a large number of motorcycle parts, including tires and plastic shells. Most of the motorcycles were destroyed in the fire.

After the fire was largely extinguished, investigators were dispatched to the scene to investigate. During the firefighting, one firefighter experienced dehydration and heat exhaustion and was sent to the hospital for treatment and observation. The roads near the fire scene, including a section of Ng Fong StreetSze Mei Street, and a section near Luk Hop Street, remained closed due to the incident. The commander at the scene initially issued a stop mobilisation message, but the situation changed with multiple explosions, leading to the fire being upgraded to No. 3 alarm in the early hours today. Despite the difficulties faced by the firefighters, they were able to contain and extinguish the fire, preventing further damage and ensuring the safety of the community.

One firefighter felt unwell and was sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.