Nineteen new COVID-19 presumptive cases in HK this morning, 6 cases in Discovery Bay wedding cluster, 2 babies infected

Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong

21st March 2020 – (Hong Kong) After over 50 passengers arriving from overseas were sent to the AsiaExpo Centre and the North Lantau Hospital Testing Centre for testing, at least 4 people were initially positive and have been transferred to the hospital for isolation and treatment. Meanwhile, another 19 new preliminary diagnoses were confirmed this morning. The youngest is only 20 months old. For the time being, 5 people have travel history and 6 have no travel history. Together with the 4 cases last night at North Lantau Hospital and Asia Expo, at least 23 preliminary diagnoses have been detected in Hong Kong. There are 48 new confirmed cases as of yesterday, including 25 men and 23 women, aged between 4 and 69, adding to the total tally of 256 cases.

The new preliminary diagnoses are as follows:

A 22-month-old baby is a close relative of the 143rd diagnosis. He had a fever on 20th March during quarantine and was admitted to Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital in Tai Po. The 143rd case is a 35-year-old man who had travelled to Hokkaido and lives with his parents, sister, and niece in Fanling.

A 38-year-old man arrived in London and Geneva from February 29th to March 13th before returning to Hong Kong on March 13th. He had a cough on March 9th, and had a fever on March 11th. He was already sick before returning to Hong Kong. His deep throat saliva sample tested positive in a local outpatient clinic before being admitted to Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital in Tai Po.

A 17-year-old male student took a taxi with a friend on 15th March in U.K. before his friend tested positive in Vietnam. He returned to Hong Kong on 16th March and developed flu and dry cough. He had no fever. He is currently being treated at Prince of Wales Hospital.

A 24-year old woman went to U.K. via transit in Singapore. She had breakfast and dinner with another infected patient on 13th and 14th March. She had cough on 16th March before tested positive on 18th March.

A 20-year-old woman returned to Hong Kong from U.K. on 19th March. She was tested positive at Queen Mary Hospital after developing fever on the next day.

A 36-year-old woman who was a close contact of an infected person is currently being treated at United Christian Hospital.

Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong wedding dinner cluster has a total of 6 confirmed cases. The 68-year-old father and 20-month old baby of a 29-year-old woman, the 237th confirmed case who attended the wedding tested positive in preliminary diagnoses. 3 of them are now being treated at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. Three of them also live in Discovery Bay. The existing infected patients who attended the wedding dinner include 191st, 233rd, 237th and 253rd cases. Three others also tested positive i.e. 31-year-old man in case 233, 29-year-old woman in case 237, and 31-year-old woman in case 253. It is reported that the 31-year-old men and the 31-year-old woman are siblings. The wedding was attended by more than 80 guests and was in the form of an outdoor cocktail party.

In local tour group of a Canada trip, a 72-year-old man and his sister both tested positive in preliminary diagnoses at Prince of Wales Hospital. There were 30 tour group members. At least 4 others tested positive or tested positive in preliminary diagnoses including 238th and 242nd cases. The tour group visited Vancouver, Toronto, Peru and Bolivia between 19th February and 17th March.

Another 19-year-old member of the Hong Kong Karate team tested positive in preliminary diagnosis following 2 others who tested positive. He is currently being treated at Prince of Wales Hospital.

3 preliminary cases are currently being treated at Tuen Mun Hospital and 2 more are being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Those being treated at Prince of Wales Hospital include 7 preliminary diagnoses, 26-year-old, 31-year-old woman, 64-year-old man, and 19-year-old male member of the Hong Kong Karate team, 72-year-old male in the Canadian tour group, 17-year-old overseas student, and 24-year-old woman.